Soul Seeds Bloom Box Workshop - Meraviglioso Winery

Soul Seeds Bloom Box Workshop


Amanda from Soul Seeds Flower Art will be here with the most gorgeous bloom boxes of dried flowers and goodies - you never know what you may find in there - rose festival float flowers…camellia festival bloom show winners….leftover celebration flowers …..everything comes to me after the party is over. I dry things out, and then we make art!

Amanda will bring the bases, bloom boxes of dried botanicals along with a selection of fresh vines and other clippings from our area, to and us everything we need to know to create our own dried flower sculptures or wreathes.

You can see more of Amanda's work at:

No experience required! We will be using sharp scissors and hot glue guns, so age 15+ is recommended.

Get here a few minutes early to order any beverages you may want ahead of time.

Call with any questions: 503-554-5792 

Reservations Required Class: 4/20/24 11:00 - 1pm.